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Vaidya Aparna Bapat

BAMS, Author

Vaidya Aparna Bapat has been a dedicated educator, clinician, and consultant of Ayurveda internationally, since 1990.

She studied Ayurvedic medicine and earned a BAMS at the University of Pune. She was then a Senior Lecturer at the College of Ayurveda in London.  Aparna is the author of numerous articles on Ayurveda and related themes, and serves on the board of the Light on Ayurveda Journal.


With over 15,000 patients, she has made multiple television appearances and is considered one of the finest teachers and practitioners of Ayurveda in the USA today.


She is an expert on legal importing of Ayurvedic herbs into the USA and has been supplying companies through AyurSpirit. Vaidya Bapat has served on the Board of Directors of NAMA and AAPNA, and advisor to CAC. She had served as the faculty of the New Jersey Institute of Ayurveda, the AYU Academy, Kerala Ayurveda Academy, and The Dinacharya Institute, as well as dozens of yoga studios.



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