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The Holistic Ayurveda Coach Program (Entry Level)


Introducing our Holistic Ayurveda Coach Program (Entry Level), meticulously designed to immerse students in the world of Ayurveda. This program serves as a foundational step towards understanding the profound principles of Ayurveda and how they can be harnessed for self-healing and the well-being of others.

Within the Holistic Ayurveda Coach (HAC) program, students gain valuable knowledge that empowers them to optimize their health through Ayurvedic wisdom, with a particular focus on crafting a tailored diet and lifestyle.

What sets this course apart is its holistic approach, seamlessly blending theoretical insights shared during in-class sessions and engaging virtual class case study discussions which enhance understanding. 

Additionally, students will be able to perform dosha constitution analysis along with other basic skills.

What makes this course especially accessible is its self-paced structure, allowing students to either attend live classes or watch video modules at their convenience.


This 295-hour program covers 6 classroom teaching modules, monthly office hour meetings, and virtual classroom sessionsWith every class, students will be given class notes.

The teaching faculty will follow the notes for a proper flow of understanding.


Classes are taught monthly, including 1 full Weekend (Sat/Sun 8:30 am-6:30 pm), 

along with online virtual office hours (Live) (6 pm-8 pm CT) once a Month. 

Upon successful completion of the program,

You will be awarded a Holistic Ayurveda Coach Certificate. 

After completing this program, if you choose to continue studying, your hours/credits may be transferred toward the next level program (Ayurveda Wellness Counselor) at Ananda Ayurveda Academy*

*Some restrictions may apply



Program Description 


Padarthvigyan, Ayurveda Itihaas & Yoga Darshana (Ayurvedic Fundamental Principles, History & Philosophy)

Students will able to describe history, philosophies, fundamental principles & and basic terminologies explained in Ayurveda.



Sharir Vigyana I (Ayurvedic Understanding of Human Structure & Function I)

Students will determine body type constitution and assess the imbalance in Doshas, based on Ayurvedic principles.



Sharir Vigyana II (Ayurvedic Understanding of Human Structure & Function II)

Students will have a deeper knowledge of Ayurvedic physiology. 


Manas Shastra & Sookshma Sharir (Ayurvedic Understanding of the Mind)

Students will have an understanding of the human body and mind from a psychological, as well as cosmology and an energetic perspective.


Ayurveda Aharavigyana  (Ayurveda Food Science, Nutrition & Cooking)

Students will have the knowledge of assessing diet and may recommend Ayurvedic dietary plans for health and wellness.


Swastha Vritta (Ayurvedic Principles of Healthy Living)

Students will have the knowledge to describe methods to help balance a daily routine.



With every class, students will be given the class notes. The teaching faculty will follow the defined curriculum to ensure proper flow of understanding. The curriculum has been written and reviewed by senior Vaidyas (Ayurveda Physicians and practitioners), Holistic health teachers who have been in the Wellness profession for more than 15+ years. 


HAC Program Hours 


Program Structure:

HAC is designed as a program providing optimal flexibility and effectiveness to our students with options for virtual, off-campus online classroom live-streamed sessions along with pre-recorded lectures. You have the option for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Classes Conducted at the Following Frequency:

  • Online Classroom Sessions:

       Monthly - One Weekend / Month (Usually 3rd Weekend/Month)

  • Off-Campus (Virtual) - Office Hours One Day / Month

HAC Start Date:  Rolling Admission

​Program hours include faculty teaching, coaching, quizzes, assignments, and applied subject teaching (labs).  

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