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The Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program (Level 1)


The Level 1 Ayurveda Wellness Counselor (AWC) Program is developed to educate students about Ayurvedic way of life which helps an individual to learn about Ayurvedic wisdom for balancing lifestyle for self- healing. The AWC program equips a student with knowledge that they can use to enhance their health with appropriate diet and lifestyle based on the wisdom of Ayurveda.


This course is a perfect blend of In-Class theory and Practical hands-on training experience, Virtual class case study discussions and built-in Internship to ensure proper theoretical and practical training.


This 651 hours program covers 14 classroom teaching modules with an internship, monthly webinar, virtual classroom sessions for case study discussion and counselor coaching. With every class, students will be given with class notes.

The teaching faculty will follow the notes for the proper flow of understanding.


Classes are taught monthly, including 1 full Weekend (Sat/Sun 8:30 am-6:30 pm), 

1 online virtual class (Live) on Wednesdays (6 pm-8 pm CT) and Monthly Webinars. 

Upon successful completion of the Program,

you will be awarded an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Certificate.



Program Description 


Padarthvigyan, Ayurveda Itihaas & Yoga Darshana (Ayurvedic Fundamental Principles, History & Philosophy)

Students will able to describe history, philosophies, fundamental principles & basic terminologies explained in Ayurveda.



Sharir Vigyana I (Ayurvedic Understanding of Human Structure & Function I)

Students will determine body type constitution and assess the imbalance in Doshas, based on Ayurvedic principles.



Sharir Vigyana II (Ayurvedic Understanding of Human Structure & Function II)

Students will have a deeper knowledge of Ayurvedic physiology. 


Manas Shastra & Sookshma Sharir (Ayurvedic Understanding of the Mind)

Students will have an understanding of the human body and mind from a psychological, as well as cosmology and an energetic perspective.


Ayurveda Aharavigyana  (Ayurveda Food Science, Nutrition & Cooking)

Students will have the knowledge of assessing diet and may recommend Ayurvedic dietary plans for health and wellness.


Dravvyaguna Shastra (Ayurveda Herbal Science)

Students will have deeper knowledge and understanding of household spices. Students will be able to recommend single herbs or spices and/or their combinations as food supplements for health and wellness.


Yoga Shastra (Yoga Principles)

Students will have the knowledge to recommend yogic practices for health and wellness.


Swastha Vritta (Ayurvedic Principles of Healthy Living)

Students will have the knowledge to describe methods to help balance a daily routine.


Nidan Panchak & Nadi Vigyana ( Ayurvedic Assessment Techniques & Pulse Evaluation)

Students will have the knowledge of in-depth examination of case studies.


Ayurveda Rasayana Shastra and Panchakarma I (Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Detoxification Program I)

Students will recommend and perform basic Ayurvedic therapies for health and wellness.


Ayurvedic  Chikittsa (Ayurvedic Healing & Wellness Solutions)

Students will have the knowledge to recommend Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plans for health promotion and disease prevention.


Ayurvedic Practice & Management

Students will be able to apply business principles and manage a new wellness practice.



With every class, students will be given the class notes. The teaching faculty will follow the defined curriculum to ensure proper flow of understanding. The curriculum has been written and reviewed by senior Vaidyas (Ayurveda Physicians & Practitioners), Holistic health teachers who are in the Wellness profession for more than 15+ years. 




Students will be able to perform health history taking, dosha constitution analysis, Ayurveda healing management observation, and client interaction skills.



For additional information or to receive the Course Catalog, simply click HERE

AWC Program Hours 


Program Structure:

AWC is designed as a Hybrid program providing optimal flexibility and effectiveness to our students with options for on-campus, virtual, and off-campus on-line classroom sessions.

Classes Conducted at the Following Frequency:

  • On-Campus Classroom Sessions:

       Monthly - One Weekend / Month (3rd Weekend/Month)

  • Off-Campus Online Live-Virtual Classroom: 

       Weekly (Wednesday Evenings 6 pm - 8 pm CT)​

  • On/Off-Campus Webinars/Workshops: 

       Monthly -  (Mostly Sundays)


In addition to the above classroom hours, the Internship dedicated hours throughout the year.   Practical hands-on coaching throughout the year and Clinical Training Immersion at the end of the program


AWC Start Date:  Sept 7, 2024

​Program hours include faculty teaching, coaching, counseling, supervised clinical training, exams, clinical practice, and applied subject teaching (labs).  The time spent on independent review study, homework, reading assignments, and vocabulary memorization is NOT included in contact hours.

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