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Ayurveda Internship


Ayurveda Internship and Case Experiential Education

An internship is an integral part of the AWC as well as AP Program which prepares the student to have an opportunity to apply the Ayurvedic knowledge in practice.


As part of the Internship, students are required to submit records of case management for a minimum of 50 encounters for AWC and 100 for AP program. Internship hours are dedicated for students to have the opportunity to engage in either observing or participating in an Ayurvedic Consultation with AAA qualified faculty. 


The internship requires the supervised interaction for client encounters. Documentation of all client experiences must be submitted and signed by AAA qualified faculty. 


Besides this internship period, students receive case experience all year long.


Students will have a total of 184 hours for AWC and 310 hours for AP of comprehensive Client Case Experience which encompasses:

  • Clients Encounters

  • Client Management

  • Client Directed Study

  • Client Case Discussions with Faculty

  • Client Case Research

  • Client Case Presentation


This helps students strengthen their counseling skills, client interactions, history taking and application of the knowledge of Ayurveda Healing to effectively manage client wellness. 



Additional Internship Opportunity: 

INDIA Gurukul Program: 250+ Hours


Our students can take the benefit of our affiliations in India for advanced and

practical experience to gain more exposure. These trips are taken for a

period of 3-4 weeks in duration at an additional cost to the student. 

This program is built-in with practical exposure, lectures, hands-on experiential

learning with out-patient and in-patient hospital experience.

This opportunity is available during the first winter after completion of the program. 

For further details on Internship Requirements, Click HERE

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