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Please refer to the following payment plan options~

Choose the plan best for you!


Please note that Tuition includes Classes, Exams & Certification Fees

Books needed for the program are the responsibility of the student

Additional Workshops offered may have a small added cost

AP Tuition

First payment is due upon enrollment per the “Tuition Plan Installment” amount for respective plan.


Subsequent payment will be due for selected payment plan on half yearly, quarterly, or monthly as applicable with no grace period. 

A US $40.00 per week late fee will be charged for delayed payments. 

All subsequent payments are due per the Payment Plan term Installment due date.  


Payments can be made by Zelle® to “” or by any major credit card. Notify the Academy administration one month before payment is due if there are any changes with your credit card on file. Payments made by major credit cards for Seat Reservation and one time payment fees such as Tech fee, Payment plan “Option A – Onetime payment in full” etc. will be charged a 4% processing fee.


Ananda Ayurveda Academy does not offer state or federal financial aid, educational loans to students currently.  Maintenance of a current and satisfactory account standing is required for continued Enrollment in the Program, graduation and for the issuance of transcripts.  Students who lapse in their tuition payments will be dropped from Enrollment. 


India Gurukul Program

Our students will benefit from our affiliation in India for advanced and practical experience to gain the exposure and experiencing “Living Ayurveda”.  

These experiential internship trips are scheduled for 2-3 weeks at additional cost to students.  This program is built-in with lectures and hands-on experiential learning, with outpatient and in-patient experience in India. This program is available in the winter and is mandatory only for AP students.


We don't want to see you go! 

But if for any reason you must leave the program, please see the our policy here!


Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • If the student decides to cancel, withdraw the enrollment at any point in time, a written request via email from the student is required to be sent to:

  • Both parties have the right to cancel the contract within the first three days of the first class start date.

  • 100% refund of Tuition if students decides to discontinue within 3 days of class start date.

  • The $100 Application Fee and $250 Tech Fee is Non-Refundable.

  • There will be no refunds if the student decides to withdraw, cancel after 4 classes have been conducted for the program. 

  • The refund will be processed within 30-45 days from the day AAA receives the official written request of cancellation from the student. The refund check will be mailed to the official address of the student on the file. 

  • Eligible refunds will not include any interest, processing fees on the Tuition at any point in time. 

  • Pro rata per month deduction for classes expended until the receipt of cancellation request will be applied for respective Tuition plan options for eligible refund calculations.

  • No tuition will be refunded if the enrollee’s payments are not current, nor may any of his or her prior payments be applied to future Programs or courses.

  • Withdrawal or cancellation after attendance has begun, but prior to completion of the 4th class, will result in a prorated refund computed, based on the number of hours completed to the total course hours.

  • Any additional changes, fees incurred (i.e., credit card fees) etc will not be refunded.

  • The refund due to the student is calculated using the last date of attendance.

  • Costs expended for fees for all classes conducted until the date of cancellation are not subject to refund.

Please reach out to us anytime at

with questions or comments!

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