Learning Options

~Ananda Ayurveda Academy offers two (2) Student Options and

two (2) Learning Mode Options, based on the program and needs of our Students~



Regular Student Option (AWC Counselor Level & AP Practitioner Level) 


This is a comprehensive program option where students are required to attend a year-long course to receive complete credit and certification. Students are required to take Quizzes, complete Homework, attend student-client interactions, complete assignments, projects and take the required exams to receive the certification and final grade. 

Upon graduation from the Regular Student Programs, Counselors and Practitioners will receive certification and may conduct Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultations and offer Ayurvedic Guidance.  


Audit / Refresher Student Option

(Self-Knowledge or Refresher at AWC Level or AP Practitoner Level)

Audit Student learning option is for those who do not want to appear for quizzes, exams, assignments and projects, internship. They will have the opportunity to learn along with the regular students.

The 'Audit Student' will take the same classes as the 'Regular Student' with the exception of quizzes, exams, assignments and projects, webinars, internship.


Please note that “Audit / Refresher Student” Option will not earn any credit for program attended.

This option also has discounted fees due to less number of program hours.




Learning Mode Options


The programs at Ananda Ayurveda Academy are designed for working adults and ensure flexibility and ease of learning for busy individuals.  The Training formats offered are a good blend of on-campus In-class, webinars, as well as off-campus live-streaming sessions.  


On Campus In-Class Sessions

Students attend the program in-class at our Soderworld Learning center campus.


Off Campus Live-Streaming 

Webinars and Virtual Classroom Sessions are specially offered to our students who are unable to travel and attend the in-class session at any point in time.   


Ananda Academy offers a Hybrid Program of both In-Classroom & Online Options.
​In-Class Sessions will resume in accordance with health & safety recommendations



All options give each student a personal login, with access to online information,

videos, the capability to attend Webinar classes in the Virtual Classroom and

upload documents and class assignments.


Located within Soderworld Wellness Center

16 W. 501 Nielson Lane Willowbrook, IL 60527