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Ayurveda Internship


Ayurveda Internship and Case Experiential Education


Dosha prakruti (constitution) evaluation is a core of Ayurvedic practice, so students have focus on developing skills for evaluation of Dosha Body Type. 


30 Hours

Students will conduct one-on-one Dosha body type evaluations with 15 clients.


88 Hours   

One-on-one consultation with indirect supervised case studies 


28 Hours   

Case study discussions and counselor coaching by Vaidya Faculty 


36 Hours   

Observing or participating in Ayurvedic Consultation with qualified AAA Vaidya faculty.

This cover preparing the case record form, assessment and creating a comprehensive Ayurvedic healing protocol based on the guidance given by the faculties considering the Prakriti (constitution) and Vikriti (imbalances) identified during the consultation.



Each student must complete a minimum of 50 client encounters, submitting appropriate documentation to meet the graduation requirement.


Please Note:  

50 client encounters are not seeing 50 clients, but each client encounter refers to the 1st and subsequent follow up interactions with each client.



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